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Tips on Keeping Your Children Healthy as Spring and Summer Approaches

Kids are always running around, trying new things, and exploring their surroundings. Such a sense of adventure puts kids in contact with many germs, and every parent knows the pain of seeing their little ones come down with a cold or flu. It’s important to keep kids clean and healthy, especially in the busy spring and summer months. While you can always count on your local walk-in clinic in Gainesville, GA, to help if your child is sick, you’d rather see them having fun and feeling great. If you have young kids at home and you want to keep them from getting sick this season, here are a few tips on protecting your children, prioritizing cleanliness, and putting their health first.

Encourage Hand Washing

Now’s the time of year when kids head outside to play, and they will probably be touching outdoor playsets, sports balls, and other toys. Every time they come in or out of the house, and especially before they eat, kids should wash their hands. Wherever you go out as a family, it’s smart to bring hand sanitizer or wet wipes with you in case there’s no sink. If your kids are struggling with hand washing, tell them to sing their favorite song or nursery rhyme as they scrub their hands with soap and water. The easiest way to prevent sickness that requires a trip to a walk-in clinic is from killing germs right away with the proper handwashing technique.

Use Sunscreen

With the hot summer months arriving before long, now’s the time to stock up on sunscreen. You want to carefully apply sunscreen to arms, legs, shoulders, faces, ears, and any other exposed skin when your children go outside to play. After all, too much sun can lead to painful sunburns, dehydration, and exhaustion. Talk to your kids about the importance of regularly reapplying sunscreen and drinking lots of water. Oftentimes when parents take their kids to a walk-in clinic open on Saturdays after a long day outside, they’re told that too much sun and not enough water caused the child to feel a bit sick. You can avoid that situation altogether by being smart with your sunscreen and hydration and encouraging your kids to come inside for a break. Just make sure your kids rinse off every day, so they don’t have all that sticky sunscreen on them, and they can also get rid of dirt and other germs with a refreshing shower or bath.

Get On Top of Allergies

As a parent, your job is to keep your kids as clean and healthy as possible. Not only is it important to make sure your child sticks to a regular personal hygiene routine this summer, but it’s also good if you can help them steer clear of possible allergic reactions. Allergies are a concern for millions of parents, as with this condition, the immune system becomes hypersensitive to certain substances such as food, plant, or medicine. Some of the most common allergies for young kids are nuts, shellfish, milk, and eggs. If you know of your child’s allergies, make sure you’re stocked up on their medication and aware of any possible side effects, such as drowsiness. The more you know, the more you can help your child feel healthy and safe. Also, educate your child on things like poison ivy and bug bites so that they can steer clear of those risks. If you think your child is having a minor allergic reaction, you can always get them checked out at a weekend walk-in clinic on Saturday or Sunday.

Even with all these tips on keeping your child clean and healthy, it’s possible that they will become sick in the next few months. Be on the lookout for ear aches, as spring and summer are a popular time of year for ear infections in children. Know that our medical professionals are available 7 days a week, including weekends, should you need an urgent care for ear infections or other conditions. If your child is under the weather and you want to get them checked out, visit Lanier Urgent Care for walk-in clinic hours in Gainesville, GA.

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