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The Risks of Sports Injuries

Sports encourage teamwork, keep you physically fit, and are great avenues for blowing off steam. No matter what kind of athlete you are, it’s important to protect yourself from sports injuries. At Lanier Urgent Care, healthcare professionals see their fair share of sports injuries year-round. Here are some things they want you to know about the risks of sports injuries for you and your family:

  • Top sports injuries: Some sports put people more at risk for injury than others. The top five sports that cause the most injuries are football, swimming, soccer, basketball, and cycling (Source: Insurance Information Institute).
  • Sport-related treatment: Did you know that 3.5 million kids under the age of 14 are treated for sports-related injuries each year?
  • Joint injuries are the most common: Hip, knee, and shoulder joints are injured more often than other body parts because these are the areas of the body where there’s the least resistance to help absorb the force entirely.

Knowing the risks of sports injuries helps you protect yourself better. At Lanier Urgent Care, the healthcare professionals treat people of all ages who’ve injured themselves while running, rollerblading, playing tennis, and any other sport you can imagine. They even treat people who just have a hard time keeping their balance while walking. No matter what injury you have, count on Lanier Urgent Care for the best medical treatment. We offer extended morning, evening, and weekend hours to make it easier for you to get the medical care you or your family member needs. We accept most insurances, offer self-pay options, and accept worker’s compensation claims. To learn more about our wait times and check in online, visit us at