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Pre-Employment Physicals

Pre employment physicals are an important step to ensure a safe environment in the work place. Many employers require pre-employment physicals to ensure candidates are fit for certain jobs. Lanier Urgent Care is here to make the process quick and stress free.

What to Expect During a Pre-Employment Physical

A Lanier Urgent Care doctor will perform a complete work up to assess your current physical abilities and compare that with your medical history. From this assessment, they will be able to complete a physical that denotes your current physical status.

Our pre-employment physicals include:

  • Regulatory & Compliance Exams – outlines a medical baseline for employee according to requirements by specific employers (ex: DOT, OSHA, etc.)
  • Fitness-For-Duty Exams – gives a stamp of approval for the employee to return to work from medical leave. 
  • Executive Health Exams – establishes a medical baseline as a part of a companies’ voluntary health and wellness initiatives.

Whether you are an employee looking for a quick physical or in need of pre-employment drug testing, Lanier Urgent Care has you covered. We are open Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm and Weekends 9am to 5pm for your convenience. Schedule an appointment today!