Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings are required, usually by employers, to create a medical baseline for a company's health iniatives and incentives. Most often, a biometric screening consists of:

  • Basic metrics - height, weight, waist 
  • BMI
  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol testing
  • Glucose testing

Also called executive health exams, biometric screenings are required for various insurance reasons. Many times, employers can lower their company's insurance premium for life and/or health insurance by implementing a program to improve employee health. Biometric screenings are also valuable for those looking to get a screen shot of their overall health. 

How to prepare for a Biometric Screening

In the majority of situations, fasting is required for a biometric screening. Please make sure to call us and discuss the areas where you need to prep before you come in and see our physicians. 

Please contact us to find out more about biometric screenings and how we can serve you and your employees!