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Is It Safe to Vaccinate Your Child?

It's odd to hear of a measles epidemic in the 21st century, especially since measles was declared to be eradicated in 2000. Yet, there are articles and news reports commenting on the measles epidemic experienced in the United States. Fortunately, there is a highly effective way to combat measles. Vaccinations are the key. Yes, some parents worry about whether or not immunizations are safe. There has been a lot of misinformation spread regarding vaccines. But vaccines are incredibly effective, thoroughly tested, and remarkably safe. They're also available at your local walk-in vaccine clinic in Gainesville, GA.


A little more than 1% of children have no immunizations, which means they haven't been given any type of vaccine. This means that more than 98% of children have. If vaccines were prone to causing health issues, such problems would be rampant. They're not.

This number isn't arbitrary. Herd immunity only occurs when 95% or more of the population has been vaccinated. Without hitting that threshold, people are vulnerable. Children are among some of the most vulnerable. With their immune systems still in development, they're far more likely to get sick. With something like measles, it could even be deadly.

It's absolutely understandable that parents want to protect their children, but immunization is protection. In fact, it's the single best form of protection children have against measles, whooping cough, polio, tetanus, and mumps. Some diseases have been virtually eradicated due to vaccinations. However, this immunization only continues to be effective if new generations are treated as well. Your children are better protected if they receive their immunizations as recommended. This also protects their friends at school and the rest of the community as well.


There are common fears that many parents express when it comes to vaccines. Perhaps the most common fear is side effects. However, most side effects are extremely mild. The child may experience soreness around the injection site or have a minor fever. Serious side effects are remarkably rare. Any side effects reported are tracked by the Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting system. This information is publicly available, and parents are encouraged to review it.

Some parents have heard about thimerosal, an additive that contains mercury. While there are no know health issues related to thimerosal, it has been removed from most vaccines. It is still contained in some flu vaccines, but thimerosal-free flu vaccines are also available. Aluminum is added to vaccines to keep them safe and make them more effective. Again, no health issues have been linked to the aluminum in vaccines. If you'd like to learn about additives, the CDC has information readily available to the public.

Your child's immune system won't be overwhelmed by vaccinations. Kids encounter far more germs on the playground. It's also worth noting that vaccines do not cause autism. Despite the incredible amount of research already conducted, there is no known link between vaccinations and autism.

An affordable vaccine clinic in Gainesville, GA, is the easiest and best way to protect your child with modern medicine. Contact Lanier Urgent Care at (770) 824-4610 if you have any questions.