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Flu Shots: Revealing the Facts & Myths

Everyone ages six months and older is encouraged to a flu shot. Flu shots are a vital preventive measure to protect against influenza viruses every flu season. Whether flu shots are something new for you or you get one every year, it’s important to prioritize this vaccine that can significantly cut down on your chances of getting sick with the flu. To give you a better idea of what you can expect from your walk-in flu shots in Gainesville, GA, here are some of the most common facts and myths associated with flu shots.

When Is Flu Season?

One of the myths associated with flu shots is that they aren’t necessary every year. In reality, everyone needs to get an annual flu shot for the best chance at protection. While flu season in the U.S. runs from October to May every year, you can get your vaccine ahead of time as fall gets closer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend an annual flu shot, and the earlier you get one, the better protected you will be over the course of flu season. If you can make getting a flu shot into a family tradition every year, you and your loved ones will have a much lower chance of coming down with the flu or giving it to one another.

Who Is Protected by the Flu Vaccine?

Something else you need to know about flu shots is that the vaccine is not perfect, which is the same for all vaccines. A lot of people wrongly assume that they won’t get sick at all after getting vaccinated. The truth is that a flu shot dramatically lowers your risk of getting the flu or passing it on to your family, friends, or people in your community. Those who get a flu shot may have a 40-60 percent lower likelihood of contracting the flu or giving the virus to someone else. While many people experience fever, headache, muscle aches, cough, and fatigue with the flu, some may contract and shed the virus without displaying any symptoms. These asymptomatic cases can lead to community transmission to those individuals with a higher risk of flu-related complications. That’s why it’s so important that as many people get vaccinated as possible.

Why Do Healthy People Need the Flu Vaccine?

Even those with strong immune systems and healthy lifestyles are not immune to the flu. There are always some people who think they won’t get the flu, and therefore they pass on getting vaccinated. These are some of the people who can fall sick with severe influenza if their symptoms are left unchecked. At the end of the day, people of all ages are at risk of contracting the flu, and the vaccine is an easy way to minimize the risks and protect against this unpleasant illness that can lead to serious health issues in some cases. Thousands of people die from the flu every year, but both those who are healthy and those with weakened immune systems can benefit from flu shots at walk-in clinic hours.

You can arrange for quick, easy flu shots at your local walk-in health clinic in Gainesville, GA. Visit Lanier Urgent Care today to get protected against the flu this season.