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Why Us?

Urgent care is the delivery of immediate care of a condition or illness that is non-life threatening but may cause serious medical problems if not promptly treated. Lanier Urgent Care is a facility dedicated to the delivery of unscheduled, walk-in quick care providing comprehensive treatment similar to that expected in a fully staffed emergency room. Our board-certified physicians have access to x-rays, laboratory and a comprehensive pharmacy on site. We have specially equipped Intensive Procedure Rooms for I.V. fluids, setting broken bones, repair of lacerations, or minor surgical procedures not available in routine physician offices.


Our Urgent Care Clinic services are provided during extended hours and an appointment is not required. Many people find it convenient to come see us when they can't get in to see their primary care physician and they don't want to go to the emergency room.


We provide an affordable and convenient gateway to the traditional medical practice community. In fact, when the medical encounter and examination indicates the need for a more extensive evaluation and possible long term management plan, the patient is referred to the appropriate specialist or primary care physician. The plan of care is then supervised in the traditional multi-specialty community where appointments can be made and a continuity of care and medical record can be maintained. 


Having a sick or injured child can be very scary, especially if you have to wait to be worked in. If you or a family member has a non-life-threatening emergency, need after-hours health care, or are sick and can’t wait for treatment, then Lanier Urgent Care is the place to go.


If you're in need of a urgent care center, come visit us at Lanier Urgent Care today.