Different Types of Coughs and Their Meanings

Different cough symptoms mean different things and may be the result of a variety of conditions, big (lung damage) and small (a viral infection).
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Why School Sports Physicals Are So Important

If your child is enrolled in school sports, then it’s extremely important that they receive an annual physical before the season begins.
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Facts about the Tetanus Vaccine Shot

Tetanus is a condition caused by a toxin produced by bacteria that live in the soil and dust worldwide. The primary way it can be spread to humans is through contact with an open wound.
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A Guide to Ear Infections

Ear infections can impact anyone at any age but are especially common among children. They usually follow another illness and occur when a viral or bacterial infection impacts the section of the ear behind the eardrum.
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The Ins and Outs of Pediatric Urgent Care

Pediatric urgent care clinics are convenient, relatively low-cost, and efficient. They'll attend to your child when their primary physician is unavailable. These facilities don't treat emergency cases, but they provide services for high fevers, broken bones, and vomiting.
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